Baby Chinchilla What To Do Tips

baby chinchillaWe know that chins cannot be crowded into a cage, female and male chins should be separated, baby chins should be separated too to avoid accidents that could be fatal for them. After gestation and birthing, you should also prepare for the baby chins as the guardian.

When female mother chin gave birth, she should be with the male chin if you want them to mate as soon as possible. You should observe too to avoid problems. So when you separate the baby chinchilla, also separate them from their gender aspect. You will be needing a not so wide cage measuring ½”x 1” in spacing. It is to prevent little kits from escaping. It is better is it is not high, 5” to 10” high is enough because they might fall every time they climb and play. You cannot tell them to behave of course so you have to be very careful, watchful and aware.

baby chinchilla2Since it took usual 111 days to achieve gestation, it is so important to keep mom chin and baby chin alive. After birthing, maybe normally done or gone through c-section around 15 minutes up to 4 hours with labor, they should not have dust bath immediately. They can attract infections, and get infected, which can lead to death if not followed the dust bath proper instruction. The best time for mother chin and baby chin to dust bath is after 2 weeks or 14 days. Just like on humans, they get stressed after birth, let their body and nerves also relax.


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