Chinchilla Birthing

chin 1When chins mate, the expectation is 90% to get pregnant the female chin. Well, when they are mother-to-be, just like any other mom, maybe an animal or human, pregnancy is called ‘the half life risk taken’. The fact that there are two breathing living thing is in one body, the supply of food, water, nutrients and oxygen are supplied to mom and baby in wombs. It takes up to 118 days maximum gestation for a baby chinchilla to come out. The studies said that most gestation days are 111 days.

When they came out from mommy chin, their eyes are open, with distinguished fur color. As soon as they arrived, they keep themselves under their mother’s furry belly for mother-instinct reasons.

chin 2How they give birth is just like on human. It can be done normally and by c-section. In human, a supervision is needed, whether it is normal or through c-section, same with chins. They can give birth alone, especially if they are healthy. The urge to push the womb mentally and physically for chins are easy. They also experience labour, and the only sign you can see is them staying in a place, breathing deeply, belly looks stressed that they wanted to release something. This happens when delivering normally, no blood visual is common. For c-section, a vet is needed especially if the chin looks weak, and having a hard time to breathe, bleeding after pushing, and bleeding while in labor. Remember, both baby chinchilla and mommy chin should be alive and healthy, the owner is responsible in every chins pregnancies.


Mother Chinchilla Giving Birth Failures

maxresdefaultYou might get excited to every stage your chin show. From the moment they were sold to you, get their trust, feed them, play with them and until they get pregnant. If you have a female chin that gets pregnant, of course, the excitement is even more to its highest level.

You might as well get prepared for it only take almost 3 months to see your new baby chinchilla. But of course, during pregnancy, there are things you should like, preventing them from running or jumping from a high level, so it is necessary to keep away for the meantime the accessories inside your cage like wheels, ladders, and tube-tunnel ways. Proper food, vitamins and supplements, and regular checkups should be given.

Unfortunately, not all pregnancies and giving birth is successful. Like human, they sometimes experience miscarriages, mummified kits and worse is delivering still-born baby chinchilla. Once your chin got pregnant, it is your responsibility to keep them healthy and well. If you see them weak or find any usual behavior during pregnancy, let them checked by a vet.

ccm503Cases get worse when mother chins cannot deliver their baby chins on their own, severe labor happens and get them stressed. Sometimes the failure is not on the baby chins but with the mother chin. That’s why c-section is immediately done to save the mommy chin while thy have time, as well as the baby chin. Another thing after delivery, watch out for any bleeding. A normal delivery for chins does not usually bloody.